Welcome to the Orokins lair

Explore, Conquer, Dominate

Who are we?

Welcome to the world of the Orokins, a clan of fearless warriors and unsurpassed strategists. We are a passionate community of Tenno united in our quest for self-improvement, exploration and victory. With decades of combined experience, we've thrived in the confines of Warframe, building our reputation on a foundation of camaraderie, dedication and excellence in combat.

Join our cause

Are you ready to take on new challenges, forge powerful alliances and forge your destiny in the stars? Join the ranks of the Orokins and discover a world of unlimited opportunities. Together, we'll defend the light and push back the darkness that threatens our galaxy.

Explore our Arsenal

Dive into our arsenal of knowledge with OptiTenno, the ultimate theorycrafting and damage calculation tool. Hone your skills, perfect your weapons and crush your enemies with unrivalled precision. Whether you're a novice seeking advice or a veteran looking to push the boundaries, OptiTenno gives you the tools you need to become a master of war.

Join the Orokins Brotherhood

Don't let destiny dictate your path. Join us today and become a pillar of our thriving community. Together, we'll forge our future in the stars and leave an indelible mark on Warframe history.

Ready to embark?

Dive into the action, explore the unknown and become a legendary hero. The Orokins are waiting for you. Join us now and prepare to defend our galaxy against the forces of evil.